Locally Yours: An online village - a community marketplace where businesses can benefit from no cost online advertising to customers across Australia. 

A free self-service platform created to help businesses keep the lines of communication open with customers. Locally Yours is pushed to millions of Australians and geo-targeted through digital and social media channels across Australia.


The yomstar Group has been in business for more than 17 years, with a focus on developing leading digital and technology solutions for clients across Australia, New Zealand and the US. We built our business from the ground up and understand the challenges facing small to medium size businesses wanting to improve their digital footprint. 

yomconnect is a specialist digital agency that has evolved through powerful marketing research and customer engagement. We are a full service Digital Performance & Media Agency | Digital Research Platform | Influencer and Ad serving Platform. 

The YOM in yomconnect was born from Your Opinion Matters. It is through working to understand exactly what matters to your customers that we can deliver solutions that are centred around customer wants and needs.

By gathering social and online data we are able to deliver next level outcomes by understanding EXACTLY what your customers want and deliver you innovative and personalised outcome focussed campaigns.

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